Preventative dentistry services in Mandurah

Good dental hygiene is extremely important if you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and at Mandurah Dental Surgery, we offer a range of preventative dentistry services. Every time you eat or drink, bacteria in your mouth gets to work, so it pays to brush regularly and visit the dentist for check-ups every three to six months.

Studies are increasingly showing a link between oral health and general health, as the connection between the gums and teeth provides direct access to the bloodstream. So, if you want to maintain a healthy body as well as a healthy mouth, good oral care is key.
young couple smiling with beautiful teeth

Preventative dentistry at Mandurah Dental Surgery

At our dental surgery, we call a routine hygiene check and teeth clean an active maintenance visit, as we do so much more than just clean for our patients. From advising you about correct oral care at home, to completing a thorough examination of your mouth and surrounding tissues, we offer an in-depth service with multiple benefits.
With our experienced dentist at hand throughout the appointment, you can expect professional input which will ultimately improve your smile and general health. This means you can enjoy a happy, healthier smile into the future – one you can be proud of.

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