Root canal therapy from our dentists in Mandurah

If you require root canal therapy, then our experienced team at Mandurah Dental Surgery is here to help. Whether you’re worried about a tooth, or are experiencing physical pain, just get in touch with our team and we’ll provide the services you need.

What is root canal therapy?

Infection can strike at the centre of the tooth, where the root canal sits. This is the living part of the tooth, consisting of nerve and blood cells and, if infection within this core is left untreated, it can spread elsewhere, including to the bone. This can then lead to abscesses or potentially cause serious issues in other parts of the body.

Root canal treatment involves removing the infection before it can spread. The area is cleaned out and packed with treated dental material to ensure there are no further infections, before the tooth is re-built or fitted with a crown. This is often achieved by two or three visits to Mandurah Dental Surgery, and we’ll make sure that every visit is calm, relaxed and stress-free.

We’ll do everything we can to save your tooth before suggesting root canal therapy, and will discuss all options with you and keep you informed every step of the way. With the very best equipment in our practice and an experienced team to hand, we guarantee that your root canal therapy will be a comfortable and safe experience.
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How to recognise symptoms

Often, the need for root canal therapy doesn’t become evident until the patient reports severe pain, but there are various ways to detect an infection before this stage. 

You may require root canal therapy if:

  • Your teeth have become very sensitive when you chew
  • You’re experiencing increased sensitivity to hot and cold
  • You have a fractured tooth 
  • Your face or gums are swollen
  • You have a missing/broken filling 
  • Your tooth has noticeable deep decay 

Call us today on 08 9535 3966 to find out more about our root canal therapy in Mandurah.

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