Custom dental bridges at Mandurah Dental Surgery

If you have one or more missing teeth, then dental bridges can be used to fill in the gaps and restore your smile, and we can do this for you at Mandurah Dental Surgery. Whether your teeth have been damaged or removed due to decay, trauma or anything else, our dental team can provide the solution you need.
dentist using laser to clean teeth

Why choose dental bridges?

If you opt for a dental bridge, then as well as getting back a complete smile you can be proud of, you can also enjoy improvements in chewing, speaking, and in the overall function of your mouth. Having a smile that looks good will also improve your confidence and self-esteem, so there are multiple benefits to this type of restoration.

Bridging is a ‘fixed’ option, which means the bridge can’t be removed from the mouth like a partial denture, making it a popular choice for many of our patients.

Fitting your dental bridge

When it comes to fitting your dental bridge, we’ll begin with an initial appointment to discuss your options. Following this we’ll then take X-rays to make sure you have no infection, bone loss, or gum disease that could affect your bridge.

The next stage is to take moulds of your upper and lower teeth to create a temporary bridge and custom tray. We may need to see you again to finalise the shade of your bridge, to ensure a good match with your existing teeth, all of which will ensure the best results for you.

Call us today on 08 9535 3966 to find out more about custom dental bridges at our Mandurah clinic.

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