Quality dental crowns at Mandurah Dental Surgery

If you require dental crowns to restore broken or damaged teeth, then Mandurah Dental Surgery can fit these for you at our clinic. All of our crowns are custom-made and are designed to blend in with your existing tooth colour, to ensure a more natural look.

Dr Niel is skilled in creating smiles our patients want to show off, so when it comes to dental crowns, you can rest assured that we’ll always deliver the very best results.
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What is a dental crown?

Crown are essentially caps which are fitted on top of broken, damaged or decayed teeth to restore the appearance of your smile and also, to protect teeth from further damage.

If you require or request a dental crown from Mandurah Dental Surgery, then our experienced dentist will fit only the very best quality, ensuring durability and crowns that are long-lasting.

Our dental crowns include: 

Full metal

These are placed on teeth that aren’t visible and which require a stronger crown. We usually choose either cast-gold alloy or milled titanium for these. 
Porcelain bonded to metal

The most commonly used crown, these are great for back teeth.

These crowns have a much better appearance than conventional crowns. All ceramic crowns are biocompatible, so the body accepts them more easily.
Dental crowns can be either temporary or permanent, depending on each patient’s individual needs. To fit them, the dentist must first drill down the old tooth so there’s room for the crown to sit neatly on top. The mould is generally made on your first visit, once your tooth has been prepared, with the crown then fitted a few days later.

We understand that any dental treatment can be stressful for patients, so we’ll always make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
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Call us today on 08 9535 3966 to find out more about fitting dental crowns at our Mandurah clinic.

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