Anaesthetic dentistry at our Mandurah clinic

Another option for anxious patients is undergoing general anaesthesia (GA), which involves putting someone into a totally unconscious state.

If you decide on this option, then you won’t feel any pain, even without local anaesthesia. You can’t reliably breathe on your own however, so for more complex procedures and procedures of longer duration you will need to have a breathing tube inserted to assist with this.

Anaesthetic dentistry from our experienced team

Our dental team at Mandurah Dental Surgery is fully trained and well-equipped to provide anaesthetic dentistry, so you can have complete peace of mind if you want to go ahead with this. We’ll discuss all your options at the outset, and will make sure you’re fully informed about what it involves before proceeding with treatment.
With years of dental experience, we understand that many patients get incredibly stressed when it comes to undergoing treatment. That’s why we do whatever we can to ensure a stress-free and comfortable visit for every patient.

Call us today on 08 9535 3966 to find out more about our anaesthetic dentistry in Mandurah.

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